Nancy Adams
Appeared in The Shallows
Status Alive
Species Human
Marital Status Single
Actress Blake Lively

Nancy Adamsis the main protagonist of the 2016 film The Shallows, she's a medical student who travels to a beach on Mexico after her mother died, but suddenly finds herself trapped in the ocean after an shark attacked her.


Ellie is a caucasian woman who was in her mid to late 20s, with a slender body, she has blond hair and blue eyes.

During most of the movie, she wears a black wetsuit, but as she spends most of the movie stuck in the beach adn exposed to the elements, he starts to get dirty and bloodied. her wetsuit gets torn after she had to use its sleeve to bandage her injuries and by the end of the movie she takes off her wetsuit remaining in a 2 piece bikini.


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The ShallowsEdit

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The ShallowsEdit

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